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About Us

SinoUnited Health is located in the heart of your community. This is for your convenience and means that we remain integrated in the city’s residential life. Throughout the clinic,thoughtful design and ease of use meet international standards, and provide excellent service experiences and comfort for every patient.

SinoUnited Health was founded in 2004,with the goal of providing specialized rehabilitation and integrated pain management,sports medicine and orthopedics for Shanghai residents and visitors.

Since that time,SinoUnited Health has developed a reputation for world-class medical services. We are committed to provide quality personal services,which deliver high customer satisfaction,and the outcomes that patients need. We focus on reliable diagnosis and proven treatment success which continue our reputation for excellence in the communities that we serve.

From December 2015,SinoUnited Health has recruited an international elite medical team with many years of experience in providing services in other prestigious hospitals and medical centers. We always look for further improvements to treatment options and service standards. The clinic has integrated services under one roof to offer family medicine,orthopedics,surgery,rehabilitation,traditional Chinese Medicine and internal medicine including cardiology,gastro-enterology,neurology and endocrinology.

Our principles in providing services

SinoUnited Health always puts the patient first. We devote ourselves to recognizing each patient’s feelings,concerns and needs. We understand that you are looking for a personalized and caring service and recognize the importance of the mental aspects of healthcare. We offer the newest,up to date medical skills and equipment to ensure the quality and scientific reliability needed for a successful outcome.

Our methods in providing services

SinoUnited Health goes further than one-off or ad hoc services. We involve ourselves in the exclusive,one-to-one, long-term health management of your physical and emotional needs. These include the prevention of diseases, pinpointing necessary medical treatments and lifestyle advice to ensure holistic well-being.

Our ultimate goal is a realistic improvement in your quality of life.